Feeling Like Living in a Dream After Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana is among many one of the triggers of depersonalization. The change in how you perceive the world is not due to something being wrong with your eyes, it is due to the underlying anxiety. The constant irrational fear you experience is called anxiety and it can manifest itself in many forms both physical (neck pain, migraine, shallow breathing…) and psychological (fear, depersonalization, loss of focus, loss of motivation…). Therefore in order to eliminate the feelings of unreality you will have to start controlling and coping with the underlying anxiety. https://zoomiescanada.com/

Once it is triggered there is no undo button to make you feel normal again, the true treatment is patience, but there are many steps to follow and methods which have the tendency to speed up the recovery by several months, such as:

1. Avoid substances that prolong recovery – these include alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and psychoactive drugs (magic mushrooms, MDMA, cannabis…) as further use of these will only intensify your anxiety.

2. Start a healthy diet – avoiding sugars and eating in a healthier fashion will take some weight of your anxiety. Your body is currently hypersensitive to various chemical substances. Eating sugar makes you more energetic and you do not want that when dealing with strong anxiety. Drinking water instead of flavored drinks is a good start.

3. Exercise – physical activity promotes the secretion of endorphins and other mood-stabilizing hormones. Start jogging, biking or anything else you like and see for yourself how well it works.

4. Find the sources of your anxiety and face them! – I consider this the most important step in overcoming depersonalization as by identifying your sources of anxiety can help you deal with it and eventually defeat it. There are many great web-pages and books that will help you with proper identifying of the sources of your anxiety and then teach you to eliminate those negative thoughts.

It took me 10 months in total to overcome these feelings of depersonalization, but as I started following the above mentioned tips the recovery sped up tremendously. Do not give up upon yourself, look forward to the better times as they will come sooner or later. Try to keep a positive attitude and be optimistic, a strong will can do wonders. So try various methods and see which ones are for you the best and eventually you will recover as most cases do!


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