Why Should I Check My Credit Report?

A credit report is a critical document that records your entire personal financial history. It is also a measure of your creditworthiness. If your creditworthiness is below par, then you may not be eligible for loans, mortgages, credit cards, and other financial services. If you want to avoid financial nightmares and sky high interest rates, you’ll need to check your credit report periodically and thoroughly! Here’s the reasons why: Marktplatz für Drogen

1) If you check your credit report regularly and thoroughly and correct errors and problems, it will enhance your creditworthiness. A clean credit report can help you obtain loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc. Every financial institution is eager to lend to customers who have a squeaky-clean credit report, more so in these troubled sub-prime times. Moral of the story is that if you have kept your credit repayments nice and tight and your credit report is clean, then your creditworthiness is greatly enhanced.

2) There are a plethora of scams lurking around each corner – credit card fraud is on the rise, phishing attacks have increased substantially and scammers are using more advanced methods of latching on to personal information. It is always a good idea to be certain you are currently free from identity theft issues, which is why you must regularly check your credit report. If you do that, then you can discover a fraud in time and alert the authorities before the scammers commit any further damage to your financial standing.

3) A credit report is a report that authenticates your identity and verifies your application details. Now, if a document can reflect on your authenticity, trustworthiness and prove your identity, wouldn’t you like to take good care of it by periodically checking on it? Remember, if you have been a victim of an identity theft, then unusual entries will begin showing on your credit file.

4) There is a possibility that your existing lending company has made a genuine mistake, which has got reflected in your credit report. If this has happened, then your creditworthiness will take a body blow without you knowing what hit you – and you don’t want that to happen.

5) If you have missed a payment due to critical personal circumstances, then you can add a note explaining your delay in the credit report, and you can only see this missed payment only when you check your credit report.

Above all, checking your credit report regularly is a good habit – it turns you into an informed, diligent and responsible citizen who is a wise user of credit. So, go right ahead and develop the habit of checking your credit report periodically.



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